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The Savings Cooperative Society and Credit Cameroon "Le Grenier" is an institution of Microfinance (EMF); Approval No. 00779 / MINEFI of 26/12/2002, Cobac authorization N ° 1/02 / CEMAC / UMAC / COBAC of 13/04/2002, No. 2011/0116 Registration CNC EMF 22/08/2011.

Le Grenier awareness EMF widely established on the Cameroonian financial market for over 17 years (2019) confirms its position with the existence of five agencies (Douala Akwa, Douala Village, Nkongsamba Bafang and Babouantou)

The head office of Le Grenier is based in Nkongsamba.

With an experience of many years Le Grenier has developed several attractive products in the competitive economic environment in Cameroon.

Le Grenier offers customers money transfers products in partnership with Orange Cameroon and in our own network of granting consumer credits and investment products.

Le Grenier can easily get a place offering a differentiated service and reaching a wide audience at a time when the sector recorded good growth prospects. banking rate remaining low throughout the subregion and SMEs with financing needs for the growth of their business.

This development plan is supported by the directors of various formations, from CEOs to engineers.

Le Grenier is a cooperative of 1st category and consists of 10 directors with a share capital amounting to 100 million nowadays.

We plan to spend 2nd category and become a public company.

A fundraising campaign of $ 500 million is being spend and expect medium-term Bank.

Our target

Associations / Tontines
public and private employees
Growers / Farmers
Bayam sellam / Commerçants

Our facilities

Credit conditions and reasonable rates
school Credits
Salary advances
Financial assistance to traders and motorcycle drivers


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"Our doubts are traitors and that's because they engender in us the fear of undertaking they make us lose the benefit of the victories."
William Shakespeare.

Michel Noumbissi
Président du Conseil d'Administration, LE GRENIER

Always one step ahead !

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