stock market investments

Investing in the stock market means buying or selling securities on the financial markets. This investment allows you to: receive income: an individual can receive dividends that represent a portion of the company's profits if he buys shares.

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Term deposits

Intended for legal entities, the term deposit is a dematerialized and blocked deposit that generates interest.

Le Grenier acknowledges its debt vis-à-vis the saver and agrees to return his funds at a given date.

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Cash voucher

The Purchase Fund is a secure savings and returned to the investor at a given date with interest.

The interest on the cash certificate is transferable on subscription or at maturity. Just rest assured that you have the minimum necessary to meet your needs during the period during which your savings are blocked.

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Our target

Associations / Tontines
public and private employees
Growers / Farmers
Bayam sellam / Commerçants

Our facilities

Credit conditions and reasonable rates
school Credits
Salary advances
Financial assistance to traders and motorcycle drivers


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"Our doubts are traitors and that's because they engender in us the fear of undertaking they make us lose the benefit of the victories."
William Shakespeare.

Michel Noumbissi
Président du Conseil d'Administration, LE GRENIER

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